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6 Instances When You Should Call a Plumber

When you encounter a leak or clog, you may want to save money by fixing it yourself. But DIY attempts often do more harm than good. Here are six signs that it’s time to call a professional plumbing service to do the job right.

  1. There’s no water. If you open the tap and no water comes out, you’ve paid the water bill and your neighbours don’t have the same issue, you need to call a plumber. Frozen or burst pipes, clogs or backups in the water main can cause you to lose water. It’s best to have an experienced plumber come in and diagnose the problem.

  2. Showers and sinks drain slowly. If the water isn’t flowing down the drain as quickly as usual, it probably means you have a clog or problem with your sewer lines. You may have a drain blockage, or it could be more severe such as tree roots growing through your sewer main. Plumbers use specialized cameras to determine what’s causing the problem and decide on the best solution.

  3. The toilet keeps overflowing. Toilets clog occasionally, but if a toilet is backing up repeatedly, no amount of plunging will help. There could be a problem with the toilet’s seal, or there may be a hard-to-dislodge item in your toilet, like a children’s toy. A plumber can quickly and cleanly get it working again.

  4. No hot water. If your shower feels more like a glacial stream than a thermal spa, you may have a problem with your water heater, your electrical system or a clog or leak in your hot water pipes. Any of these issues requires a professional to take a look.

  5. Burst pipes. Frozen pipes can burst, leaving your basement or home flooded with water. This problem requires a plumber with a 24/7 emergency response service.

  6. Dripping faucets. Dripping faucets may seem minor, but a slow drip can waste hundreds of litres of water a year and cost you money. If you don’t fix it immediately, the problem could worsen, leaving you with a more expensive repair. A plumber can determine if the tap was installed incorrectly or has a broken O-ring.

Contact your plumbing and HVAC contractor in Cambridge

At Aire One Heating & Cooling, we provide complete plumbing services, including appliance and hot water tank hook-ups, sewer and drain cleaning, toilet replacement and water softener installation. We offer 24/7 service for water heater issues and other plumbing emergencies to customers in Guelph and throughout the Tri-Cities area, and our work is guaranteed. Contact us today to book an appointment.


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