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An aerial view of Cambridge, Ontario.


Aire One Heating & Cooling KW proudly provides homeowners in Cambridge with reliable and affordable HVAC products and services, including cooling, heating, plumbing, electrical, air quality, and water products. Located in southwestern Ontario, Cambridge is a thriving cosmopolitan centre with a rich architectural heritage. With a strong economy, Cambridge is the second-largest community in the Waterloo region.


From installation to maintenance and repairs, you can count on the Aire One Heating & Cooling KW team for excellence in HVAC service and reasonable pricing. Contact us today to learn more.


Aire One Heating & Cooling KW offers the following HVAC services in Cambridge:


  • Installation. Our comprehensive installation services ensure your new HVAC appliance is in perfect working order. Our expert team will help you make the most of your investment!


  • Repairs. Whether your furnace has stopped working or your water heater is leaking, you can count on Aire One Heating & Cooling KW in Cambridge to help. We can resolve any issue reliably and affordably.


  • Maintenance. Our Whole-Home Protection Plan offers three levels of protection for your HVAC system to prevent costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns.


We also offer reliable, professional electrical and plumbing services.


Aire One Heating & Cooling KW carries an impressive selection of HVAC products, including:

  • Furnaces. We carry natural gas, propane and electric furnaces to keep you comfortable through Ontario’s long, cold winters. We also provide furnace rental services.


  • Heat Pumps. Enjoy year-round comfort with a ducted or ductless heat pump that provides both heating and cooling as needed.


  • Air Conditioners. Aire One Heating & Cooling KW carries an impressive lineup of high-performance air conditioning systems for Cambridge homes, including central systems, window units and mini-splits.

  • Boilers. We carry a variety of natural gas, electric and propane boilers in Cambridge, including conventional and condensing boilers, as well as combi-boilers.


  • Air Handlers. We proudly carry a variety of air handlers for homes of all sizes. When paired with your heating or cooling equipment, they manage airflow to keep your home comfortable and clean in any season.


  • Gas and Electric Fireplaces. We carry a wide range of gas and electric fireplaces to help keep your home comfortable during the cold months.


  • Hot Water Tanks. We carry the most efficient hot water tanks on the market. We have a hybrid, power vent or direct-vent model to meet your needs. We also carry tankless water heaters that provide hot water on demand.


  • Water Purification Systems. Our water purification options include water softeners and reverse osmosis systems. Whether you’re living with hard water or simply want high-quality drinking water, we can help.



Book your appointment with a licensed HVAC technician at Aire One Heating & Cooling KW for all your HVAC needs in Cambridge. We support homeowners in Cambridge with top-notch appliances and services for all your heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, and air quality needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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