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Essential Tips for Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor

HVAC installations are an investment in keeping your family healthy and comfortable. Seeking an HVAC contractor will help you make informed decisions regarding the type of air conditioner you want, the repairs your heating systems need, and if your air filter should be replaced. Having a trusted HVAC contractor to help you understand your HVAC needs is important.

The right HVAC contractor for you will always recommend what is best for you and that is what we do at Aire One Heating and Cooling. Our certified technicians are always helping you find the best of the HVAC equipment. We offer HVAC services such as installing and repairing heating systems, air conditioners, air filters, water heaters, water purifiers and more.

Factors to remember while choosing your HVAC contractor are:

  • License and Certification Your local handyman can do the job as well. But having a certified professional gives you the confidence that the job is done right. Check if the company is licensed and certified to be an HVAC contractor. Then verify it online on the state’s regulation website.

  • Experience Matters Make sure your HVAC contractor has plenty of experience in the field. Having your HVAC repaired by an experienced contractor will save your money and time.

  • EPA Energy Star Equipment Enquire if your HVAC contractor offers HVAC equipment with EPA Energy Star ratings. You will want your equipment to save energy and reduce your expenses.

  • Emergency Repairs Check if the contractor provides emergency HVAC services. You will have a reliable contractor to help you with your HVAC emergencies if your system breaks down at odd hours.

  • Home Energy Assessment A reputable HVAC contractor will always suggest a home energy assessment before recommending any new equipment, repairs or replacements. The company will evaluate your current system, check the condition of the ducts and calculate your home’s energy efficiency before suggesting the next step.

  • NATE Certification The North American Technician Excellence (NATE) program provides certification for technicians who have a high level of technical knowledge and skills, so check if your contractor is NATE certified.

  • Special Offers Check if the contractor has any special offers. Don't miss out on amazing offers on new equipment installations or repairs. A competent contractor will know all the current offers and discounts and local, state, and federal rebates or credits available.

  • Written Quote Ask for a written, itemized quote for your services. If the contractor gives you a verbal estimate and refuses a written one, consider it a major red flag. The contractor might change the rates once the work is done. You do not want to deal with that.

  • Written Contract Always get a written contract once you have finalized your contractor. Your contract should specify costs, model numbers of equipment, warranty information and deadline for the completion of work. This helps you get your HVAC work done in time and with the standards discussed.

Contact us today to learn about our protection plans and promotions. Please also take a look at our online store.


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