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Stay Cool: How to Maximize Your Heat Pump for Summer Comfort

using remote control for setting a heat pump mode and temperature for cooling in summer weather

You’ve made the switch to dual-energy or a heat-pump-only system. Congratulations! You’ve made a step in the right direction toward lowering greenhouse gases and your utility bills. But as summer approaches, it’s time to review a few strategies that will help you maximize your heat pump for cooling and summer comfort without causing undue strain on the appliance.  


Pre-Season Maintenance Before the Summer

Just like your car requires a tune-up and switchover from winter tires and fluids to summer ones each spring, so does your heat pump. Annual maintenance helps your heat pump work at peak performance and with optimum energy efficiency, which helps extend the lifespan of your heat pump cooling system. It also helps ensure the validity of your heat pump’s warranty. Pre-season maintenance will include:

  • Cleaning the filters

  • Recharging the refrigerant

  • Reversing the valve from heating to cooling

  • Inspecting the compressor

  • Lubricating the fan and motor bearings


Set the Right Mode for Summer Weather

Now that your heat pump is ready to go, be sure to choose the right mode to maximize your machine’s efficiency and your comfort in the summer. The modes you may want to choose from include:

  • Cooling – lowers the temperature and humidity

  • Dehumidification (Dry) – reduces the humidity of the room, which can make it feel cooler

  • Fan only – uses the least energy and can provide relief when the fan runs, but does not cool

  • Auto – the system will automatically cool or heat based on the set temperature. We recommend using Cooling mode for summer temperatures so that you have full control.


Choose the Correct Fan Speed

To find the optimum fan speed for heat pump cooling needs, begin with Auto FAN (this is different than Auto MODE, which is not recommended for summer cooling). If you need or want greater circulation, switch the fan to its lowest speed. For optimum efficiency, slowly increase the speed increment by increment until the heat pump’s cooling system is providing the comfort you desire.  


Use Timers

Timers allow you to use your heat pump cooling system for a certain number of hours rather than letting it run all day. This promotes energy efficiency and keeps your room from getting too cool. 


Direct Airflow

You can direct the airflow from your heat pump cooling system by pushing either the SET or VANE button (depending on the brand of your heat pump). Each touch of the button will change the direction of the airflow. Aim it at occupants and away from obstructions such as furniture or stairways.


All Season Repair

Whether you are using your heat pump’s cooling or heating system, watch out for the following signs. If you notice these issues, your comfort could be compromised, and your heat pump may require repairs:

  • A spike in energy bills

  • Strange odours

  • Inability to achieve/maintain a comfortable temperature

  • Strange noises from your heat pump

  • Your heat pump cycles on and off frequently or won’t turn on


Call Aire One KW for Heat Pump Service and Maintenance

 If you want to ensure the optimum functioning of your heat pump cooling system this summer, call Aire One Heating & Cooling KW. We’ve been Southwestern Ontario’s home comfort provider for over 30 years in Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge, Stratford, Orangeville and surrounding areas.





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