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Why it’s best to have a licensed technician service your furnace?

Winters in Ontario can take a toll on many houses. If you want your home to stay safe and warm, you need a furnace that’s in top condition. Furnace maintenance is a necessity to keep your furnace functional.

However, not everybody wants to call for HVAC company inspections. Instead, they’d rather handle their furnace in Guelph needs themselves.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Can I service my own furnace,” the short answer is it’s possible, but not ideal. Doing so can be dangerous and difficult.

Homeowners can safely switch their furnace filters. Since these often need regular changes, it’s wise to keep an eye on them throughout each month. Beyond this, it’s best to leave furnace services to the professionals.

What will those professionals do, you ask? To find out, check out the rest of the guide below.

Before Tackling Home Furnace in Guelph Concerns

Before investigating your furnace, professionals follow these cautionary steps. First, they will cut all power to the unit. Typically, they can accomplish this by removing the fuse or throwing the mains.

As a side note, if you smell gas coming from your gas furnace before professionals arrive, leave the house immediately. Don’t do anything to your lights when you exit. Once you’re outside, call the fire department to report a leak in your furnace.

Cleaning the Blower and Motor

  • To clean these parts, technicians can use a screwdriver, replacement filter, brush, and vacuum. At the start of the heating season, you’ll need to either clean or replace your filter.

  • Behind the filter is the blower. To ensure its functionality, someone must clean its entire assembly, including bets and pulleys. Likewise, they’ll need to clean the blower fan.

  • Afterward, professionals will remove the blower. After this, they’ll clean the blower blades and the spaces between them. Next, cleaners will vacuum any loosened debris.

  • Once a year, oil ports require new oil (if there are oil ports). If you attempted to clean these yourself, you may try to use all-purpose oil or over-lubricate. This should never happen.

  • Instead, call in the professional team. They’ll know how to use two or three drops of 10-weight, non-detergent motor oil to clean the ports.

Checking Vents, Chimneys, and Leaks

For your furnace to function, your vents and chimney must remain free of blockage. So, after servicing your furnace, the team will go outside and inspect these places.

As they inspect, professionals look for blockages caused by snow, nests, fallen debris, and other items. Likewise, they’ll check your ducts for leaks. If they see a separation between the duct joints, they can use metal tape to seal it until they provide a more permanent solution.

Professional HVAC Company in Kitchener and Their Services

Servicing your Guelph furnace is a grueling, potentially dangerous process. Instead of attempting this alone, consider hiring a professional to inspect your furnace. They have the experience and skills you need to repair your system.

A professional HVAC company in Kitchener has trained teams of experts ready to work on your furnace. If you want to preserve your furnace’s health, call our teams today!


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