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Test-Start Your AC Before the Heat Wave!

Let's get your Air Conditioner ready for summer.

Follow our A/C Start-Up Checklist below to make sure it's working properly.

Air Conditioner Start-Up Checklist:

1. Remove the cover from your A/C (if you have one)

2. Flip the breaker in your breaker box if you shut it off for the heating season

3. Replace the batteries in your thermostat (use good quality ones)

4. Check your furnace air filter, make sure it is clean and replace if you need to – a dirty filter can cause all kinds of problems


5. On your thermostat: a. change the setting from HEAT to COOL b. drop the temperature down a few degrees c. wait for the thermostat to click

6. Wait approximately 20 minutes and then check your air vents to confirm you have cool air blowing out

7. Check the air conditioner unit outside your home to confirm the fan running

8. Turn the A/C off by switching the setting back to HEAT on your thermostat (the nights are still chilly)

9. CALL US at 866-234-8200 if you feel there is a problem

Enjoy the warmer months ahead!


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