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Water Purifiers

Prevent Plumbing Issues with Water Softeners in Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge and Stratford

Water is described as “hard” when it contains high mineral content. These mineral deposits are produced when water percolates through limestone and chalk deposits. Consequently, hard water can contain substances such as calcium and magnesium carbonates.

While hard water is generally not dangerous to our health, it can cause other irritating issues:

  • Plumbing problems – limescale build-up in your pipes can influence the efficiency of your water appliances
  • Clothing texture can feel hard after being in the laundry
  • Hair may look dull and feel sticky after washing

Water Softeners

Soft water, in contrast, does not contain dissolved salts. You can convert your hard water into soft water by using a home water softener in your Kitchener and Waterloo area home. We have a large variety of water softening products here at Aire One Heating and Cooling. Some features you should look out for when shopping for a water softener include:

  • NSF-certified pressure tanks
  • WQA Gold Seal approved cation exchange resin
  • Easily customizable control valves
  • Simple electronics and connection fittings for stress-free installation
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Water Softener Repairs and Maintenance

Just like any appliance around the house, water softeners will need upkeep and even repair. There are numerous points in the process of softening your household’s hard water that could fail or breakdown through basic wear and tear. From the brine tank to the resin bed, things can get pretty complex and confusing. If we have installed your water softener then be sure to include our maintenance and protection plan. In the meantime there are 5 easy things you can do to keep your water softener working well:

  • Always use pure salt with iron remover
  • Only add more salt when the existing salt is all used up, and only 2/3rds full
  • Use Iron-Out once a year to clean the resin bed and the parts in the control valve
  • Clean your brine tank annually
  • Keep the drain line above the floor drain to prevent accidental siphoning of sewage into the softener

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