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The Aerostar� Series 400 pleated air filter is a perfect fit to remove airborne irritants in the HVAC units in commercial, light commercial and industrial buildings alike. Ideal applications include office and retail, industrial filtration, single and multi-family housing, government and education facilities, and healthcare applications from doctor offices and assisted living facilities to Hospitals. The Series 400 offers - 
  • State-of-the-art 100% synthetic media for high efficiency with low air flow resistance
  • Low pressure drop minimizes energy costs
  • Laminated expanded metal grid provides exceptional strength throughout filter life
  • Grid prevents fluttering of media while maintaining pleat uniformity
  • Moisture resistant die-cut frame retains strength while wet, will not promote microbial growth
  • Achieves MERV 8 for Standard Capacity

20x20x2 Aerostar Merv 8

SKU: 20202merv8aero