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Why Is Duct Cleaning Important? What You Need to Know

In Canada, one out of six people suffers from allergies caused by airborne contaminants. Things like pollen, ragweed, or grass get blown around, and eventually, people will breathe them in through the air. If you have allergies, did you know that dirty ducts in your home can make it worse? When was the last time your ductwork was cleaned? If you don't know or can't remember, that probably means it's time to have it done. To find out more about duct cleaning and why it's so important, keep reading below.

Cleaner Air in the Home

If you're concerned about your indoor air quality, you should be cleaning your ducts more often than you may think. Dust can quickly settle into your ductwork over a short period of time. When the system starts up, the dust will get moved around your home. This means dust from inside the system can get on your furniture, on your floor, or even into your body! If you take a deep breath and feel like the air isn't very clean, it may be time to clean the ducts. Cleaner air will keep you healthier and help your family feel comfortable in the home.

More Efficient Systems

If your ductwork has dust and dirt inside it, it can't operate as it should. The air supply is limited because of the blockage caused by these irritants. This means that the system has to work a lot harder to accomplish the same task. When you clean your system, these issues are eliminated, and the ductwork can function at its normal level. Clean systems save you money because they operate at their highest efficiency levels. Air conditioning duct cleaning helps your home be more eco-friendly by decreasing the amount of energy your system has to use to operate. Aire One Heating & Cooling can help you find qualified energy-efficient air conditioning systems as well if you want to reduce your carbon footprint.

Fewer Contaminants and Irritants

Dust and dirt accumulate in your ductwork over time. What about other irritants? It's not pleasant to think about, but if you haven't cleaned your air conditioning ductwork, there are likely microorganisms, bacteria, and other pollutants lurking in there as well. If you have a pet, pet dander can easily get into the ducts. As we discussed earlier, pollen and mildew, as well as other allergens, may be impacting your home through the ductwork without you even knowing it. Being able to breathe easier and more freely inside without having to worry about your health can lift a huge burden off of your shoulders.

Do You Need Help With Duct Cleaning?

If you're looking for the best HVAC company for duct cleaning, look no further than Aire One Heating & Cooling. We offer HVAC services for residents in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph and Cambridge area. Are you interested in getting help today? Check out our discounts and coupons now to save some money on your HVAC services.


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