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Reverse Osmosis: Benefits of Better Drinking Water

Everyone knows that water is essential. Yet fewer people know of the risks of dirty water. More than one-quarter of Canadians rely on groundwater to drink and cook with. Unfortunately, groundwater can contain numerous contaminants, including human feces. But with reverse osmosis, you don't have to worry about what was in your water. How does the process work? Why is a water softener in Guelph and Cambridge so important? How can water filtration help you clean and keep your house warm? Answer these questions, and you can have a reliable source of clean water today. Here is your quick guide.

The Process of Reverse Osmosis

Osmosis occurs in nature all the time. A less-concentrated solution migrates to a highly concentrated solution. Freshwater will enter into saltwater, diluting the amount of salt. Reverse osmosis occurs in the opposite direction. A high-pressure pump increases pressure in saltwater and forces the salt out. This creates clean water that people can drink and cook with. Systems use filters or membranes that can separate particles from water. This means that reverse osmosis can remove more than salt. Filters can pull out bacteria and viruses from water. This includes E. coli and Salmonella. They can also remove contaminants like copper and lead. Some systems may differ depending on local regulations. Research your local guidelines before installing a system.

The Benefits of Filtering Drinking Water

Purifying water is essential. Drinking water with too much salt can damage the kidneys and blood. In addition, contaminated water can spread diseases like diarrhea and dysentery that kill 485,000 people a year. Dehydration is another issue. After just a few hours without water, your body begins to break down. As a result, you experience a headache, muscle pains, and indigestion. Reverse osmosis will keep your water clean from harmful substances. You do not have to boil your water to drink it. Instead, you can cook, clean, and wash with it.

Find a Good Water Softener in Guelph and Cambridge

Reverse osmosis is easy and essential. Osmosis is when water naturally flows from a low concentration to a high one. Reverse osmosis adds energy, so water flows in the opposite direction. This can remove harmful substances like viruses and copper. Dirty water can damage organs and spread deadly diseases. Reverse osmosis prevents these medical issues from happening. It provides a clean source of water for your water heater as well. Don't wait around and drink dirty water. Aire One Heating and Cooling provide great Reverse Osmosis Systems in Guelph and Cambridge. Contact us today.


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