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Reasons to Get Your Furnace Checked Now and Avoid Breakdowns

Advice from Kitchener and Waterloo’s Go-To Heating and Cooling Company

By this point in winter, you have probably been running your furnace non-stop for several months. Prolonged use puts strain on your heating system, which can reduce efficiency and increase the likelihood of failure. This is why it is the smart decision to hire reliable and affordable heating experts to regularly maintain and repair your heater, saving you money and inconvenience.

Top Reasons Why Regular Maintenance is So Important

  • Home safety: A neglected, or improperly maintained furnace is not only more likely to fail, but also poses a genuine risk to you and your home. A broken furnace can do serious damage to your home and belongings if not addressed immediately. If a furnace fails due to a lack of proper maintenance, you may also have trouble claiming the damages on your insurance, leaving you with a bill that is significantly larger than the cost of repairing the furnace in the first place.

  • Energy efficiency: A well-tuned, professionally maintained furnace will always run at peak efficiency, meaning you are getting the most heat for your money. But if you do not have regular check-ups to make sure everything is working well, then your heating unit is more and more likely to lose efficiency overtime. This makes for unpleasant surprises when the heating bill arrives which, in the winter months, can be extremely expensive.

  • Money saver: A furnace, much like a car, must be regularly serviced in order to ensure you get the best performance from it for the longest amount of time. The better care you take of your furnace, the longer it lasts before it needs to be replaced. Plus, it is less likely to need extensive repairs or costly replacement parts. In every way, a well-functioning furnace is a money saver, both in the short and long-term.

The Best in Heating and Cooling Services

With over 25 years experience serving the Kitchener and Waterloo area, the team at Aire One Heating and Cooling knows that many expensive problems can be prevented by regular maintenance. We recommend to all of our residential clients that they invest in our HVAC maintenance program, which is available in a variety of options to suit your needs and budget. These programs can cover everything including thermostat replacement and tune-ups from our team of factory-trained specialists. There is no better way to guarantee that your furnace runs efficiently and reliably throughout the winter.

Schedule your consultation today at either one of our Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph or Cambridge offices by calling us at 1-866-234-8200 or contact us online.


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