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How Humidifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality in Southern Ontario

Did you know that adding a humidifier to your home can improve indoor air quality? It's true. And we're going to prove it to you. The following guide lists several proven ways that humidifiers benefit the indoor air quality of Cambridge homes. For instance, they combat seasonally dry air and keep your skin from drying out in winter. They can also lower your wintertime heating bill. Furthermore, there are year-round benefits, too. Namely, higher indoor humidity levels reduce instances of asthma. And they hinder the spread of viruses like influenza. Learn more about why you should consider getting a humidifier by reading this guide. 1. Combat Dry Winter Air Most of the points on this list are about how humidifiers solve the problems caused by dry air. However, depending on your location, dry air might only be a seasonal problem. Regardless, all Canadian homeowners are pretty aware of how dry their indoor air gets every winter. For this reason, all of you could benefit from using a humidifier, at least during the winter. 2. Combat Skin Dehydration One of the most noticeable effects of dry winter air is when your skin dries out. Your lips get chapped, and the skin on your hands starts cracking. This is because the dryness in the air causes the moisture in your skin to evaporate more quickly. Even using excessive amounts of lotion and lip balm won't necessarily help. But using a humidifier to add more moisture to your air certainly will. 3. Open Breathing Passages It's not only your skin that can dry out in winter. During this season, many people also suffer from frequent sore throats and nosebleeds. Plus, dry, cold air can often exacerbate asthma symptoms. Adding more humidity to your indoor air can lessen these symptoms. And it's a well-known fact that using a humidifier opens your airway passages so that you can breathe more easily. 4. Reduce Viruses Dry air is also scientifically proven to increase the spread of many viral diseases, including influenza. The reason is that viral particles survive longer in low humidity conditions. Thus, keeping the relative humidity levels between 40% and 60% in your home can significantly reduce the risk of viral spread. 5. Lower Your Heating Bill Lastly, humid air feels warmer. So, if your air is more humid, you won't have to set your heater as high to stay warm. Therefore, running your humidifier is unlikely to increase your electricity bill because you can use your heater less. Plus, this way, you'll enjoy all the other benefits on this list. Improve Indoor Air Quality With A High-End Humidifier If you want to improve indoor air quality in Cambridge, you know what to do. Get a high-end humidifier and start reaping all the benefits you learned here today. Do you need humidifier installation/HVAC services in Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Waterloo, Stratford, or Woodstock? We're here for you 24/7 to answer your call and/or provide emergency service. Contact Aire One Heating & Cooling right now to get the help you need.


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