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5 Benefits of a Heating and Cooling Maintenance and Protection Plan

Don't let your heating and air conditioning unit break down without a plan on a wrong day. From the ability to call someone and know they'll help to feel confident on excessive weather days, there are many reasons you should have a maintenance and protection plan in place for your home. Keep reading to learn the five benefits of having a heating and cooling maintenance and protection plan.

1. Keeps air in your home cleaner and healthier

By regularly cleaning your air conditioner, furnace, and ventilation system, you ensure that you're breathing in clean air. When you don't have these professionally cleaned, you end up leaving many contaminants in the air, such as:

  • Mould particles

  • Dust

  • Dander

  • Pet/your hair

  • Pollen

Change your filter regularly and get a protection plan, so you can have your system routinely cleaned.

2. Keep Your Warranty Coverage

If you read most of the fine print in warranties, you'll see they're only valid as long as you've been doing routine maintenance on your units. When you have a maintenance and protection plan, you can feel confident that your unit is being properly maintained to take advantage of your warranty if it's needed.

3. Energy Savings

A dirty and neglected heating and cooling system work harder than one that's maintained and kept clean. This means it has to run less, and it runs more efficiently, saving you money. By having a professional come in and properly check and fix your units, you'll be able to enjoy long-term cost savings.

4. Extends Product Lifetime

Like any appliance or piece of machinery, as long as you keep up on the maintenance, you'll extend its life. Even something as simple as changing the air filter and wiping down dirty parts on your units can help to extend its life. There are also times when your unit is working fine, but something is still broken on it. If you keep using a broken unit, it will end up causing damage that can't be fixed. That's why you need a protection plan in place, so when they perform the maintenance, they're able to catch issues early.

5. Peace of Mind

Above anything else, having an AC protection plan and heating protection plan in place gives you peace of mind. Knowing you have someone to call lets you rest easy. As we know, the weather in Kitchener-Waterloo changes all the time, and you should feel confident knowing your system will work or be fixed fast.

Get Your Maintenance and Protection Plan Today

Now that you know the five major benefits of getting a maintenance and protection plan for your heating and cooling unit, it's time to buy yours from Aire One Heating and Cooling today! We've been helping people with their protection plans that cover air conditioning units, heaters, and even your water heater in Cambridge and Guelph! Contact us to get a quote for your house, and start feeling more comfortable in your home today.


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