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10 Things You Should Know About Boiler Systems

Old boiler systems only had efficiencies in the 56% to 70% range, but newer heating systems can achieve an efficiency of 98.5%.

There are many benefits of installing a boiler in Guelph homes. Before getting an installation company on the phone, there are some things you need to know. Read on to learn more.

1. They Don’t Boil Water

In the past, steam boilers were common, and boiled water to make steam. Nowadays, boilers don’t boil water and instead use natural gas.

2. They Provide Radiant Heat

If you want to install a boiler in Guelph, you are probably curious about how these systems provide heat. Radiant heat warms up objects in the room, unlike a furnace that warms the air in a room.

If you set your thermostat at a lower temperature, radiant heat can still make a room feel warmer. This is just one reason why people prefer boiler systems.

3. Standard Efficiency vs. High Efficiency

Boilers have two modes of efficiency: standard efficiency and high-efficiency. Standard efficiency is a vented metal pipe, while high efficiency is vented in a PVC pipe.

4. Boiler Maintenance

No matter the heating system you choose, regular maintenance is essential. Decide who will assume responsibility for maintenance, you or a company you hire, such as Aire One Heating & Cooling.

It is recommended to get a tune-up at least once a year to ensure the boiler is working efficiently and safely.

5. Preventing Humidity Problems

Depending on the efficiency of your boiler, it might prevent humidity problems that are common with forced air-furnaces. A cast iron boiler can remove or add humidity to improve indoor air quality.

6. They Aren’t Hot to the Touch

Newer boilers aren’t hot to the touch and are safe to use around young children. However, if your home has an older cast iron radiator, it might become hot to the touch if the water temperature is too high.

Keep your water temperature at the correct setting to avoid this being an issue.

7. They Don’t Waste Water

Because boilers are sealed systems, they don’t waste water. A modern boiler system is as efficient as an air furnace.

8. You Can’t Retrofit an Old Boiler

If you have an old boiler system, you are better off getting a new boiler installation or boiler repair instead of altering it. Reputable companies will not alter an old boiler.

9. They Aren’t Loud

Compared to a furnace, a boiler is quieter, making them an attractive option for homeowners. They can make a home feel cozier, and no breeze comes from them.

10. Boiler in Guelph Installation

Whether you are getting a boiler in Guelph installed or need a replacement for your old system, you need to hire the professionals at Aire One Heating & Cooling.

Some boilers can be complicated to install and require a complete understanding of the water distribution system in a home. A technician will analyze your home to ensure it’s the right spot for a boiler system.

Now that you know the facts about boilers, fill out our form to see how we can help you.


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