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When you own a home in Fergus, you have a lot of different things to worry about. Aire One Heating & Cooling is your local HVAC company that can handle all your heating and cooling needs so you can sit back and relax. Our reliable and licensed technicians provide dependable HVAC, plumbing and electrical services for your home comfort.


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At Aire One Heating & Cooling, we offer a range of services aimed at helping you keep your home in good shape, including:

  • Plumbing – In addition to HVAC services, we offer expert plumbing services. Whether you have a leaky faucet or a broken pipe, you can trust our experts to handle it.

  • Electrical – Our team can handle electrical upgrades and other residential electrical services.

  • Duct cleaning – Regular professional duct cleaning can ensure optimal performance of your HVAC system. It also helps to promote cleaner air in your home.

  • Water products – Get complete water care systems for your home. We offer rentals, replacements and installations for water heating and purification products.

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At Aire One Heating & Cooling, we provide a wide range of heating and cooling products for your home in Fergus. Our main products include:



No one likes shivering in their slightly-too-cold room when their furnace isn’t quite strong enough to combat the winter chill. We offer reliable, energy-efficient heaters in electric, natural gas, and propane configurations. We also offer furnace rentals for homes.


Heat Pumps

When you’re looking for an eco-friendly HVAC solution that provides both heating and cooling in one package, consult our experts for ductless and ducted heat pumps. We offer units for homes of all sizes throughout Fergus.

Air Conditioners

Don’t sweat away during the summer – beat the heat with an impressive selection of air conditioners from Aire One Heating & Cooling. We offer powerful and efficient air conditioners including central air conditioning systems, mini-splits and single room air conditioners.



Whatever your property runs on, whether natural gas, electricity, or propane, we have a boiler to meet your needs. We offer conventional boilers, condensing boilers, and combi-boilers.


Air Handlers

We carry a wide range of air handlers that work in conjunction with your heating and cooling equipment to help regulate airflow and keep your home comfortable and dust-free no matter what time of year.


Gas and Electric Fireplaces

Keep the chill of winter at bay with a fireplace. There’s nothing quite like the warmth of a fireplace. We offer gas and electric fireplaces to help keep you warm and comfortable during even the coldest winter nights.


Hot Water Tanks and Tankless Water Heaters

We have a range of hot water tanks to meet your needs. This includes hybrid, power vent, and direct-vent models. We also offer tankless water heaters so you can enjoy on-demand hot water in your home.


Water Purification

If you’re concerned about the quality of your water, then you should look into water purification systems. We carry many water purification systems for homes, including water softeners and reverse osmosis systems.


Air Quality

The quality of air in your home matters. Improve the air you breathe with air quality from Aire One Heating & Cooling. We can provide you with air cleaners and purifiers, furnace filters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and ventilators.


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We are committed to helping homeowners throughout the Fergus region solve their Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Plumbing issues. Whether you need maintenance on your heat pump, an air conditioning rental, or an electric fireplace, you can come to us. Give us a call today.

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